3 Tips for Throwing the Best Holiday Dinner Party

3 Tips for Throwing the Best Holiday Dinner Party

A big party isn’t the scene for everyone. If you are the type who enjoys a more intimate gathering, then a holiday dinner party is just what you need to get in the holiday spirit! How do you organize, decorate, and execute the perfect dinner party? We’ll tell you how in 3 easy steps!

  1. Know your guests.

Since a dinner party will have less guests, that means everyone’s tastes need to be brought into consideration. Sharon doesn’t eat cheese, Mike hates fruit, and Denise is a vegetarian. When creating your menu, keep these personal preferences in mind. You don’t want to alienate your guests by serving food they can’t eat or won’t enjoy.

2. Decorate to your heart’s desire

A dinner party has a more intimate and relaxed feel. This means you don’t have to go absolutely nutty with the decorations. A beautiful tablescape, string lights, and a couple of lit candles will do the trick. Need tablescape inspiration? Visit our Pinterest board for all things holiday related!

3. Spend quality time with your guests

The one thing that can bring down a holiday dinner party is the clean up. From personal experience, my guests are always trying to help me clean up- and it drives me insane! They are my guests. I want them to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful evening I have planned. To avoid this problem, I started using ShortStaf to clean up after dinner service. They collect all the plates, break down the food stations, do the dishes, and take care of all the trash. Now, there is no excuse for my guests to try and lift a finger.

For a perfectly executed dinner party:

Know your guests- serve food that will wow and everyone will enjoy. Decorate a lot or a little. It is YOUR dinner party. Do what makes you happy 🙂 And finally, use ShortStaf! So this year, you and your guests can enjoy together. (No more trying to do the dishes, Sharon!).


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Happy Holidays from the ShortStaf Family to Yours!