Graduation Party 2021

Graduation 2021 ?     What is more exciting than a graduation party? As we head into the summer, there is nothing better than celebrating all the dedication and hard work of the ones we love! How can you use ShortStaf to make your graduation celebration one to remember? Make your 2021 Graduation Party unforgettable! […]

National Restaurant Association Allied Membership

National Restaurant Association Allied Membership

ShortStaf is proud to announce our allied partnership with the National Restaurant Association. Since 2015, we have been growing our network of restaurant professionals, connecting them with local jobs and gigs. Today, we have elevated our commitment to the restaurant industry by becoming an official Allied Member of the National Restaurant Association. COVID-19 has affected […]

irish coffee

Irish Coffee with a Twist

Irish Coffee with a Twist ?☕️ To celebrate St.Patrick’s Day this year, we are switching up it up and swapping out our traditional Baileys with Almande for a delicious Irish Coffee [with a twist]. We’re using Baileys Almande, which is an almond milk liqueur. Baileys Almande is gluten free and dairy free, too!   Here […]