6 Cheap Ways to Reduce Stress

By Vivian Sokmensuer and Lauren Stockton

Try one of these tips next time you’re stressed out! They don’t take a lot of time and can help you on a daily basis to be your most productive you! Stress is a part of everyday but it doesn’t have to take over your life! 

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is known for its relaxing qualities. A calming cup of tea can help you take a breath and enjoy a moment for youself. It is also known to help reduce anxiety. 

Sound Machine

Sound machines are proven to help people relax. There’s also an app for that! (Click here for recommendations!) Whichever your choice you can have crashing waves or white noise to lull you off to a more peaceful and restful sleep. 


Writing all your thoughts and feelings down can prove to be incredibly good for your mental health. Investing in a journal can be a great way to start your journey to a less stress-filled life. Just start by writing about your day, or what you are grateful for. Sometimes the simple act of physically writing can provide clarity. 


Incense not only leaves your home smelling pleasant, but those same scents can help calm you down and relieve stress! Some of my favorites are lavender and jasmine. 


While it may seem like something you only did as a kid, watercolors and other creative outlets have a relaxing effect to help soothe your worries and stress. There are now plenty of adult watercoloring books which provide a fun activity to do. 


These staples can help you be immersed in the music whenever you need it. They can also block out noise for a meditation session or listening to an audio book. Certain music triggers happy thoughts which can help us move through the day. 

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