Quick And Easy: Broccoli Salad


2 heads of fresh broccoli

2 tablespoons white vinegar (can also substitute white wine)

1 cup mayo

1 package of bacon


1. Cook the bacon in the oven at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes. This ensures even cooking and you don’t have to check it as much.

2. As the bacon is cooking cut up the broccoli into bite size pieces. You may either toss the stems or cut them up also into smaller pieces. Make sure to dispose of the leaves though!

3. In a big bowl combine the broccoli, white vinegar, and mayo, and 3/4ths of the bacon. Toss until the broccoli is fully covered.

4. Put in a pretty bowl and sprinkle with the rest of the bacon for presentation!

You’re done! Enjoy!

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