Making ceviche can seem daunting and we have to admit we we’re unsure of how it was going to turn out. However this recipe, a conglomerate of a bunch of different ones we found online, turned out delicious! When you try it at home tag us on Facebook or Instagram!



1 Sashimi grade tuna steak

1 lb small scallops

1 lb mediam shrimp

1 tsp Olive oil

2 jalapeños

1 cup of cilantro

1 avocado

1 green bell-pepper

1 mango

3/4 cup key lime juice


  1. Sear scallops and shrimp in a hot pan with the olive oil for 8 minutes. Rinse in a colander under cold water to get rid of excess oil and to cool them down.
  1. Dice the jalapeños and cilantro.
  1. Cut up the avocado, green bell pepper, mango, tuna, scallop, and shrimp into medium or small pieces depending on preference. We choose medium pieces.
  1. Put all ingredients in a large bowl and mix!
  1. Add the key lime juice and mix again!
  1. Enjoy!