How to Hire Event Staff!

By: Vivian Sokmensuer

1. Do Your Research

Before you go out and seek staff for your event, try getting a general idea of exactly whom you need. While you might think that three waiters are enough for your event, it might be more efficient to only have two waiters and one dishwasher. Every event has different needs, so make sure you figure out what yours are and then find the perfect people for the job.

2. Keep loved ones out of the equation

Hiring your friends and/or family might seem like a fun way to spend time with them while also supporting their needs, but more often than not it can lead to conflict. It’s far safer to have someone who you don’t have a deep connection with working your event, so that in case there are any mishaps, there won’t be any lasting consequences on your personal relationships from your event. Besides, it might feel a little weird to order drinks from your younger cousin who is also the bartender at your dinner party.

3. Check out every applicants’ profile

Experience is a huge advantage in almost every field, especially the hospitality industry. To help ensure everything flows smoothly, do your best to hire an experienced staff that can effectively perform their duties. Check their years of experience and the type of events they have experience in.

4. Reviews, reviews, reviews.

Reviews are there for a reason! People who write them felt strongly enough one way or another to try and help future hosts make their decisions, so take advantage of them!

5. Make sure they know what you need from them

A lot of event staff will have their own supplies, but it can’t hurt to fill them in on your event! Your needs might cause them to require certain tools or equipment that they don’t usually keep on hand, so make sure they have a thorough idea of exactly what services you’ll need from them.

6. Make it fun!

It might not be appropriate to pay more attention to your staff than your guests, but that doesn’t mean they should feel as though they’re working in a harsh environment either. Make sure you’re polite and kind to them, and they’ll return the favor with better work.

7. Prepare for some misfortunes

You can do everything right, and still have a staff member cancel on you – but that’s okay! It won’t be the end of the world, because you can use ShortStaf to find last minute Staf in just a few hours.  ShortStaf also has an auto backup feature, that will protect you and your party!