How To Keep Kids Busy at Parties

Keep kids busy! Hosting a dinner party is stressful enough, but when both you and your guests have kids it can be a lot! Hiring a babysitter is one of the easiest ways to ensure you can have fun while your kids are safe, but sometimes (especially with large groups of kids) it can be difficult to find ways to entertain them. Luckily, we are here to help with our list of fun activities that you can leave your babysitter – and some that will replace the need for one all together.

By Vivian Sokmensuer

Pool Party/Lifeguard

 While the adults enjoy a nice evening together, hire a lifeguard and let the kids splash around and have their own pool party. With a lifeguard hired, you don’t need a babysitter and can have fun with your guests knowing your children and theirs are safe in good hands.

To go one step further: get a watermelon, spread Crisco all over it, and toss it in the pool for a fun game that’ll have the kids chasing it around all day.

Craft station

 Throw some newspaper and paintbrushes down to set up a quick craft station kids will love. Let them explore their artistic side with some colorful watercolors or simply give them some colored pencils and coloring books – either way they won’t want to leave the station! 

To go one step further: Give the babysitter some facepaint to put on the kids!

Slime/PlayDoh making

 Have a responsible adult or babysitter help the kids make slime! It’s a simple recipe that’s easy to follow and will leave your kids with a fun form of entertainment that can last. Similarly, playdoh also has an easy recipe that requires a little more work, but gives them a slightly longer lasting reward.

To go one step further: Make small batches for each rather than one large one; that way, they’ll have the ability to choose a color for their own slime or playdoh.


 Hire a clown and keep the kids laughing! A clown provides both someone to watch the kids during your dinner party and a source of entertainment. If your children are scared of clowns, another viable option would be a magician.

Sock Puppet

 Once the babysitter knows how to use a hot glue gun, you’re set to have your kids make their own sock puppets! Everything you need for a standard sock puppet is extremely easy to find and still allows kids to make each puppet their own.

To go one step further: Go all out with the color socks and materials you provide! The more customizable their sock puppet, the more entertained the kids will be!

Obstacle course

 Empty deconstructed cardboard boxes and tape are all you need to build fun obstacle course in your backyard. Simply plan out a course and tape the boxes together to make a tunnel course that kids will love to crawl through.

To go one step further: If you can, build the course in your garage and turn the lights out for a spooky twist.