Summer Party Ideas

Vivian Sokmensuer

Garden Party 

While being outside under the hot summer sun might not sound appealing at first, when done correctly a summer garden party can actually be a refreshing twist on the traditional day party. Protect your guests from the sun with a tent and keep them cool with some cold drinks, and they won’t even feel like they’re outside. If you’re still worried about the heat, go one step further and set up outdoor fans to provide airflow. To keep guests entertained, try hiring some live music and bring out the corn hole.   

Bring Monte Carlo to your living room with this fun and exciting take on game night. Take on the role of dealer (or hire a professional) to run some exciting rounds of blackjack and/or poker for your guests to partake in. Try even setting a black-tie dress code to kick things up a notch and give the night a more authentic feel and be perfect for a Summer Party!

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Casino Night


You can never go wrong with a classic bonfire for a Summer Party. Typically at night, bonfires allow adults and kids alike to enjoy a rustic vibe created from cooking and crafting their own food, making bonfires the perfect party for families. Make sure to get enough s’mores ingredients and hire a bartender to keep both children and parents satisfied. Scale things up a bit by setting up a tent, lighting some candles, and having a bartender on standby.

A cooler, some chairs, a volleyball, and nice weather is all that you need for a fun beach party. Invite your friends out to enjoy some cold drinks and fun games and the beach will provide the rest for this Summer Party. You and your friends will have the opportunity to soak up some sun, take a dip in the water, or get into a quick game of volleyball during your time out. Just make sure to wear appropriate sunscreen, or even set up a tent, to keep make sure everyone has both a safe and fun time.

Beach Party

Outdoor Movie

Any movie is more fun to watch outdoors. Grab a projector, set up some blankets, and keep the bug spray nearby to throw an easy and fun night for you and your friends. Regardless of what you’re watching, they’ll be happy they’re not paying the price of a cinema ticket to enjoy watching a movie with some friends. Put on a classic or something you just rented, either way your guests will be entertained and content.