What You Need For Fourth of July

By: Vivian Sokmensuer

BBQ Griller

Nothing says Fourth of July like a classic barbecue, and while your guests are anticipating some burgers and hot dogs, you DON’T have to expect to be grilling them all afternoon. Instead, try hiring a professional griller to come in and take some weight off of your shoulders. Instead of spending the entire time busy behind a grill, you’ll be able to enjoy the company of your guests and be served delicious food.

Fireworks and Sparklers

Kids are always looking for something fun to do, and that doesn’t change on the Fourth of July. To keep them amused, make sure to get some sparklers lit and fireworks going this year. Year after year this dynamic duo has proven itself the perfect source of amusement for children and adults like, so why stop now?


Spice things up a bit with a professional bartender at your party. Not only would hiring one allow you to spend more time relaxing and having a good time, but it’ll keep your guests entertained too. From milkshakes to personalized cocktails, a professional bartender can meet all of your beverage needs while relieving you of your duties.

Scavenger Hunt

Before the sunsets and the sparklers come out, keep kids occupied with a challenging scavenger hunt! While they run around and burn some of that crazy energy, adults will have the chance to relax and enjoy themselves. Simply set up some treasure, hand out some clues, and your scavenger hunt is complete!


Once you’ve perfected your Fourth of July party, don’t let yourself forget the moments that matter – hire a professional photographer! While you have fun with your family and friends, they’ll make sure to capture the little things that made your party special and give you things to look back on in the future. Click here to find out how to hire the best event staff!