Peach Lemonade (with Tequila) for Fourth of July

Try this Peach ? Lemonade for a tart and sweet drink that can be enjoyed all summer ☀️!

Peach Lemonade

Fourth of July is here, and this year – things are looking a little different than usual.  

  You’re likely avoiding the crowds – no beaches, barbecues, or bonfires – but that doesn’t mean the fun stops! ?

Who doesn’t love lemonade, and it’s peach season!  This delicious recipe has silver tequila, fresh peach purée, lemonade, and a topper of Sprite.  Grab some ice cubes and shake one up, you’ll be feeling refreshed in no time!

We’re using fresh peach purée. Don’t worry, it’s easy! We used skinless peach-halves and boiled them with sugar, and peach schnapps to add more liquid! Canned peaches will work fine, too! 

In a medium saucepan, add your peach halves (2 peaches worth), or a medium can – add an ounce of peach schnapps and about a 1/4 cup of sugar.  Boil and keep moving constantly while the peaches break down.  If after several minutes of your peaches breaking down, you’re not happy with the consistency, you can use a regular or immersion blender to smooth out the mixture (if needed). Let this mixture cool for a few minutes!


Assembling this drink couldn’t be easier – seriously, try it out!

Fill your drink tin with ice.  Next add 2oz of silver tequila.

Then, add your Peach Purée, about 0.5-1oz (depending on your sweetness preference)

Now, add 3 ounces of Lemonade.  Shake, shake, shake! 

Pour into your Salt-Sugar mix rimmed-glass, and top with Sprite.


Not a tequila fan? Try it with vodka or rum!

And- you’ll have extra peach purée to make Peach Lemonade without alcohol for the kids!


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