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Streamline Your Hospitality Staffing with Temp Agency Bloomington IL


The hospitality industry is known for its unpredictable staffing needs, which can vary from quiet weekdays to bustling weekends and special events. For businesses in Bloomington, Illinois, searching for a reliable solution to address these fluctuations, a local temp agency can be a lifesaver. In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of collaborating with a temp agency in Bloomington, Illinois, and how our specialized app can simplify your staffing process, ensuring that your hospitality business operates seamlessly even during peak times.

Understanding Temp Agency Bloomington IL

Temp agencies, also known as staffing agencies, excel at connecting businesses with temporary workers to meet changing staffing demands. Bloomington’s vibrant hospitality industry, marked by events, seasonal shifts, and evolving requirements, makes temp agencies a valuable asset for local businesses.

The Benefits of Temp Agency Bloomington IL Services

  • Local Expertise: Temp agencies in Bloomington IL have an intimate knowledge of the local job market, seasonal trends, and the specific needs of the hospitality sector. This expertise enables them to provide businesses with highly qualified and suitable candidates.
  • Immediate Availability: Temp agencies maintain a roster of pre-screened, skilled gig workers who are ready to step in at a moment’s notice. This instant access is particularly valuable during busy periods or unexpected staff shortages.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Traditional hiring processes can be time-consuming and expensive. Temp agency Bloomington IL services streamline the process, saving you both time and resources.
  • Versatility: Whether you need servers, bartenders, chefs, or dishwashers, temp agencies can supply staff for various roles and durations, whether it’s for a few hours or several months.
  • Risk Mitigation: Temp agencies have rigorous vetting processes for their workers, ensuring that you receive reliable and experienced professionals. This reduces the risk of hiring unqualified or unreliable staff.

Enhancing Your Temp Staffing Experience with Our App

To maximize the benefits of temp agency services in Bloomington IL, consider using our app, designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Here’s how it can elevate your business:

  • Effortless Staffing: Our app offers an intuitive interface that allows you to schedule shifts, set preferences, and manage your staffing needs with ease.
  • Tailored Search: You can search for gig workers based on specific criteria, such as skills, experience, and availability. This ensures that you find the perfect fit for your business.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Access ratings and reviews of gig workers from other businesses, making informed hiring decisions. This transparency builds trust in the hiring process.
  • Seamless Communication: Stay in constant contact with your temporary staff through in-app messaging, ensuring clear communication and coordination for successful shifts.
  • Secure Payments: Process payments directly through the app, eliminating the need for cash transactions or additional paperwork.

Strategies to Optimize Your Temp Staffing Experience in Bloomington IL

To make the most of your partnership with a temp agency and our app, consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Plan Ahead: While temp agencies can provide workers on short notice, planning your staffing needs in advance helps secure the best talent and ensures a smoother workflow.
  • Effective Communication: Clearly communicate your expectations, job requirements, and any special skills needed for the role to ensure a productive working relationship with gig workers.
  • Provide Feedback: Offer constructive feedback through the app, helping gig workers improve while also enhancing the quality of service for your business.
  • Build Relationships: When you find exceptional gig workers, consider building long-term working relationships with them. Consistent staff can improve overall operations.


In Bloomington, Illinois’ thriving and ever-changing hospitality industry, temp agency Bloomington IL services and our specialized app can be your trusted allies in securing top-notch gig workers. The local expertise, immediate availability, and convenience they offer can significantly impact your business’s success, ensuring that you have the right team in place when you need it most. Embrace the power of “temp agency Bloomington IL” and explore the world of flexible staffing today. Your business, your customers, and your peace of mind will thank you.

If you’re interested in learning more about ShortStaf and how we solve staffing issues for hospitality companies all throughout the United States, click here to speak to a member of our client solutions team.

Cappuccino Martini

Cappuccino Martini

Cappuccino Martini : ShortStaf’s 2020 Holiday Cocktail ☕️

Cappuccino Martini

This year, we were looking to make a decadent, smooth, and satisfying Christmas cocktail (and we think we’ve nailed it). We have all heard of an espresso martini, but have you tried our Cappuccino Martini? Made with Vodka, Kahlúa, and Bailey’s – this cocktail is our perfect end to 2020.

We finished off this cocktail with a Turbinado Sugar garnish and a dusting of cinnamon – just like we like our cappuccinos.

Cappuccino Martini Ingredients:

1.5 oz Tito’s Vodka

1 oz Kahlúa

1 oz Bailey’s Irish cream

1.5 oz frothy milk

Turbinado Sugar [for rim]

Sprinkle of cinnamon


First, prepare the Turbinado sugar rim by pouring some sugar onto a plate to rim your glass. Prepare your glass by rimming the glass with water, then twist the rim of the glass in the Turbinado sugar until the entire edge is covered.


Now, prepare the mixing tin. Fill the tin ¾ of the way with ice. First, add the vodka.

**Hint: Try substituting a flavored vanilla or caramel vodka for bonus points!**

Add the Bailey’s and Kahlúa. Shake vigorously.


Next, froth your milk. We do this by shaking the jug vigorously before pouring. Otherwise, you could use a whisk.

Add the frothed milk into the martini glass first. Then, slowly strain the cocktail from the tin into the martini glass.

Dust the top of your drink with cinnamon.


 Enjoy your new after [or before ?] -dinner drink

Happy holidays from ShortStaf!


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Best wishes for a joyous holiday and a Happy New Year ?

Smoke Your Turkey

Smoked Turkey: Thanksgiving

Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey: Done Right

How to SMOKE your Thanksgiving Turkey (1)


Our smoked turkey recipe is complete with ingredients, step-by-step instructions, and turkey day smoking tips. Don’t miss out on the best recipe around, perfected by ShortStaf CEO – Brenden Curcio.

Thanksgiving is almost here, and it is time to start thinking about how you are going to cook your Thanksgiving turkey! Instead of baking or deep frying, we are smoking our bird this year. Smoking the turkey gives it rich flavor and a beautiful, crisp skin. With this technique, the whole family is sure to enjoy (and be impressed). Read below for how to smoke your very own Thanksgiving Day feast.



(1) 14-16-pound turkey, fresh or thawed

(½) cup salted butter

(1 ½) teaspoon fresh rosemary, chopped

(1 ½) teaspoon fresh thyme, chopped

(2) oranges with zest, quartered

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

Butcher twine




  1. Soften the butter to room temperature and mix with the chopped rosemary and thyme.


  1. With a pair of poultry shears or knife, cut off the wing tips (or they’ll just burn)


  1. Dry the turkey with paper towels. For crispy skin, leave the turkey uncovered in the refrigerator overnight. This is our favorite way to prep.


  1. Starting at the bottom cavity, use your fingers to separate the turkey’s skin from the breast meat, be gentle and go slowly. Work slowly up towards the neck being careful not to split or tear the skin. Take the butter, chopped rosemary, and thyme mixture and spread underneath the skin you just separated.


  1. Rub olive oil all over the turkey. Now, season the outside of the turkey with salt, pepper, and the orange zest. Also, salt and pepper the inside of the turkey cavity and stuff with the quartered oranges and some additional rosemary and thyme. They deliver an amazing amount of additional flavor and help keep your turkey moist and juicy. You can also rub the butter mixture on the outside of the turkey, and cover with a cheesecloth.

Prepped Turkey



  1. Prep your fire ring or fire box with briquettes and your favorite wood.  You will roughly cover with ¾ of a bag.


  1. Fill a charcoal Chimney Starter half full with briquettes (We love Weber briquettes) and light with Lighter Cubes.


  1. Since this is a hot cook, there is no need for water in the water pan if you use one, although feel free to use just a little in there with some chicken stock – and cover the bottom with foil to make the clean up a little easier.


  1. Once the coals in the chimney have turned grey and ashed over, dump them over the unlit coals in the base of the smoker or firebox and let sit for about 10-15 minutes.


  1. If you plan on making DELICIOUS pan gravy, be sure to place a disposable foil tray on the lower grate of your smoker, which will allow for it to gather some very valuable juices.

Smoking the Turkey

  1. Smoke the turkey over medium low heat, 300-350 F. As the smoker climbs towards 300 F, place the turkey on the grate. We recommend using an electronic or Bluetooth temperature probe to monitor the internal temperature. We always use the iGrill mini for smoked meats and love it. Place that probe in the deepest part of the turkey’s thigh, trying not to touch any bone.


  1. Close the lid and try not to peak too much. This will keep the heat in. The temperature probe will tell you all you need to know. You are looking to pull the turkey when that thigh reading hits 165 F. A safe estimate is about 15-20 minutes of cook time per pound, but experience tells us that every turkey seems to be a little different.


  1. We use between 4-6 medium chunks of wood on the hot coals. A sweet wood is delicious – like applewood! Feel free to use hickory or mesquite!


  1. If your fire burns too hot, you may have to close some of your vents halfway. If you are battling cold weather and need to keep the temperature up, add 8-10 unlit briquettes every hour. (15-18 minutes of cook time per pound).
Smoked Turkey

Smoked Turkey ?: Brenden Curcio

  1. Before you carve into that beautiful bird  – take a picture of your smoked masterpiece. Don’t forget to tag ShortStaf!




Don’t forget to remove the giblets and the neck from the turkey cavity before prepping! 


If you don’t want a really dark skin color, you can lightly cover your turkey with a cheese cloth that was soaked in some meted butter or chicken broth.


Don’t skimp on the butter, rosemary, and thyme mixture. The butter under the skin gives your turkey an amazing flavor and keeps it juicy and moist! You can add additional butter to the outside of the turkey and cover with a cheesecloth.


Keep the lid closed! Trust the temperature probe and just monitor your grate or dome temperature, adjusting vents accordingly.



Thank you for reading and we hope your smoked turkey comes out amazing!


As always, ShortStaf is here if you need extra help this year.

Just download the app and post for servers, bartenders, set up, clean up, and so much more.

Enjoy time with friends and family, and don’t get stuck doing all the cleaning and cooking!



Happy Thanksgiving from ShortStaf!

Happy Thanksgiving



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Thanksgiving: 2020

The holidays are looking a little bit different this year. Many people are skipping the travel and opting to stay home for Thanksgiving. While it is sad to miss friends and family on a holiday like Thanksgiving, we can still make it fun and enjoyable. Here we have 3 ways to make your small Thanksgiving one to remember.

Try cooking something new!

Every year we have to make a mental list of what people do and do not like. Aunt Kathy doesn’t like raisins, Tom doesn’t eat dairy, and Trish won’t eat turkey. This year, you can focus on what YOU like. Cooking for an entire extended family takes time and preparation. Since your Thanksgiving is going to be smaller, take the time to cook one of your favorites.  Why not try something new? Find a new recipe and switch it up this Thanksgiving, you will be happy you did – and you might make a new tradition.



Thanksgiving is a day filled with hustle and bustling- cooking, cleaning, decorating, and making sure everything runs smoothly. If you are used to multitasking while ensuring a smooth and fun day for everyone, you can use this time to…relax. Take a much-needed break. Forget the hustle and bustle and enjoy the small things. Make your favorite foods. Take your time and enjoy the day. Try a new recipe. Thanksgiving is a day centered around giving thanks and being grateful. Instill those values in your holiday by appreciating the small things.


Take advantage of virtual hangouts

Instead of missing out on seeing family, make it a point to connect with them virtually. Whether your tradition is happy hour before dinner, or game night after, you can still make it happen from a far. FaceTime or Skype with loved ones to keep tradition alive and spend quality time together. Just because we aren’t physically close, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy each other’s company.

Happy Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving, make it a point to celebrate your way. Enjoy your favorite foods and try cooking something new. Indulge your way by taking the day slow, relaxing, and appreciating the small things. And finally, don’t forget your friends and family! You can still connect and enjoy their company, virtually. So, this year, let’s give thanks and be grateful (that 2020 is almost over). Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy!

For more information, recipes, or ideas: check out our blog or visit our Pinterest Page

ShortStaf for Delivery

ShortStaf for Delivery!

Welcome to ShortStaf for Delivery! 

Here we are going to break down what we do, why we do it, and how you can use this new service to improve your bottom-lines and customer relationships. Quit passing your hard-earned money to other apps with hefty fees and commissions. 


What is ShortStaf for Delivery?


ShortStaf makes it easy to share your food with your customers. Rather than using a third party app for delivery –  use ShortStaf to save time, money, and the hassle. 


How is this different than DoorDash or GrubHub?


When you post on ShortStaf for a delivery driver, they’re only working for you. They will come to your location and get down to business- your business.

Other third party delivery apps have busy drivers. They are taking multiple orders, driving to various locations all over town, and you don’t really know when your food is going to make it to its destination. 

Now – you control the orders, you’re defining the delivery area, and you know exactly where your driver is headed.

With ShortStaf for delivery, you have the opportunity to have direct and clear communication with your driver. They are only handling your orders, under your direction and guidelines. 


How does this save you money?


ShortStaf doesn’t charge you to sign up, on an order by order basis, or charge any kind of commission structure. You pay for the Staf from the platform – and that is it. There is no fluctuating or questionable cost associated.

When your payment is processed on the app, that’s it. We’ll take care of the rest – including getting the money you paid to the driver. There are no other premiums, commissions, costs involved – and no cash handling required. 


Why should you use ShortStaf for Delivery?


ShortStaf offers the opportunity to grow your revenue stream during these uncertain times, while offering your customers a convenient and comfortable way to have their favorite foods delivered to them. 


Have questions?

Check out the FAQ below and please feel free to contact us at



ShortStaf for Delivery

ShortStaf for Delivery FAQ


For tips, recipes, and more information : Check out our blog! or our Pinterest page!


5 Gin Cocktails to Suit Your Besties

The warm weather is here and we have the perfect cocktails to pair with sunshine, good times, and great company (yes, virtual company included). This year gin is making a huge comeback. It is light, easy to drink, and has a distinct botanical flavor. The best part? There are SO many different ways to serve and enjoy it. You can cater to your entire friend group with these different takes on a classic spirit. For your next party (or FaceTime bonanza), think about sipping something new and different! Here are 5 different gin cocktails to suit your diverse friend group. 


Gin and Tonic 

Friend Profile: Your friend who loves gin. They have tried everything and always fall back to their favorite (that is also a classic). They don’t measure. They pour and go. Their measurements are probably 3/4 of the way gin, 1/4 tonic. And we are okay with that. 

Recipe: *Doesn’t matter*…making it for someone else?

Here is the recipe so you can make it:

2oz Gin

4oz-5oz of tonic

Garnish with lime wedge

Cucumber Lime Breeze (ShortStaf Recipe) ?

Friend Profile:  Peppy, bubbly, and wholesome. They say they are simple, but seek complex conversations, relationships, and cocktails. They always ask for a drink menu when you go out, scouring over each option- making sure the cocktail matches their mood. They rarely order the same thing twice. You can never order a drink for them because their preferences are always changing. 


3 slices cucumber

2oz Gin

Whole lime (cut in half and juiced)

This cocktail is shaken in a tin and strained over ice

Top the mixture with sparkling water

Garnish with a cucumber slice

Want to see how it is done? Watch our video and get more detailed instructions here!

Bees Knees ?

Friend profile: They are an optimist, love parties, and go for anything yellow. The pale, lovely color of this beverage matches their dazzling personality. The bees knees cocktail is little sweet, with the perfect amount of sour (just like your friend). They probably mention how this a prohibition era cocktail. (because they enjoy fun facts, and so do we).


2oz gin

3/4 oz fresh lemon juice 

1oz honey syrup (what is honey syrup? Equal parts honey and hot water, stirred)

This cocktail is served up (shaken to perfection and strained into a martini glass…or solo cup. We don’t judge).


Negroni ??

Friend profile: Straightforward, strong, and to the point, just like this classic Italian cocktail. It only has 3 ingredients (that are all alcohol). The Negroni is a cocktail that grows on you. In the same way your friend approaches friendship, by the end of the conversation (or cocktail), you can tell that you guys will be BFFL. 


Equal parts (1oz)  Campari, Sweet Vermouth, and Gin

Served on the rocks


Gin and Juice ?

Friend profile: Probably hasn’t had gin before, but is totally up to give it a try. Has a great attitude when it comes to trying new things. Even if they don’t like it, they say something along the lines of “it is good! but maybe it just isn’t for me”. When it comes to gin and juice, they LOVE it. The ambiguity of the mixture entices them. Let them pick the juice of their choice and they are sure to be sipping their new favorite all night. 


1oz-2oz gin

4oz-5oz juice

(based on personal taste)

Served on the rocks

Now, you have a gin cocktail to match the taste of ALL your friends! Enjoy one (or all) (responsibly) of these cocktails for your next party, virtual hangout, or in the comfort of your home. Cheers to that. 

Fall in love with hosting parties

Fall in love with Hosting Parties!

Hosting a party should give you that warm fuzzy feeling. You are bringing friends and family together to celebrate! Whether it is a birthday, holiday, announcement, or just because, you deserve to enjoy with your guests.

This Fall season, we want you to ‘Fall’ in love with hosting. At times, it can be stressful and overwhelming. Thanks to ShortStaf, it simply doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

How can you ‘Fall’ in love with hosting? We’ll tell you how in 3 easy steps.

  1. Start planning ahead

Think about everything you need, people you need to invite, and how you’re going to do it. The best way to do this is to make lists! Yes, it sounds basic, but even the best of us forget this small detail. Ever been to the grocery store with a list and still forget something? Yeah, us too. Double check your lists to make sure you don’t forget anyone or anything 🙂

 2. Make yourself a priority

When planning a party, we all seem to lose ourselves in the details. The host naturally thinks of the guests’ needs first. What are they going to want and need when they arrive? How much food and drinks will need to be prepared..and where will it go? Remember, it is your party too! You deserve to enjoy it.

 3. Post to find extra help on the ShortStaf App

All hosts have different needs when it comes to partying. For myself, I would post for set up help because I love decorations (and I have a lot of them). You may want to post for a server to help you prepare appetizer platters, food stations, and clean up as you go! Bartenders are very popular on ShortStaf as well. This allows you and your guests to have full glasses while you sit back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company.

‘Fall’ in love with hosting by planning ahead, making yourself a priority, and posting on the ShortStaf App to make it all happen. This season, spend quality time with your family and friends. How can you make memories when you are constantly cooking, serving, cleaning, and playing bartender? Another season of happy hosting ahead, this time, with some extra help. #ThanksShortStaf


Looking for party inspo?  Find it all on our Pinterest page Here 🙂